What to expect

with AAIT(TM)

Clients often want to know what to expect with

AAIT TM.  Initially, I will review your social history and I will ask what you want to feel better about.  I am a strong supporter of self-determination, meaning, we will work based upon your identified goals.  I will provide a space of support and expertise; you are in charge of what we target.  You can expect to utilize meditation practices as well as some traditional talk therapy when this is helpful in identifying your priorities.  You will have the opportunity to release unwanted thoughts and you will have new knowledge to better experience life.  I will teach you AAITTM principles and I will offer education as to how accessing one's True Self is a source of personal freedom.  


I also promote home practice with clients, meaning I will suggest that you do processes on your own in between sessions.  The purpose for home practice is to equip you with the coping skills necessary to alleviate the heavy feelings and worries in your daily life.  This home practice can be a beautiful addition to spiritual practice or devotion time as well.  

Please know, you are worthy of my greatest efforts as a therapist and that is why I offer AAIT TM.  I truly believe in this work and I am excited to share it with you!