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 Brittany A. Tipton, LCSW

Specialized Therapy for Medical Trauma

and Generalized Anxiety


Hello and welcome! My name is Brittany A. Tipton and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I specialize in Acceptance and Integration TrainingR (AAIT)TM, a promising therapy approach that I have personally experienced as life altering, in the best way.  I have had the great opportunity to be taught by AAITTM creator, Melanie McGhee, LCSW.  AAITTM  is not the traditional “talk therapy”, but instead is a unique model that utilizes innovative techniques, values and specific methods that access our ability to better respond to this life.  Due to my background of being in Medical Social Work for over 10 years, I have an expertise in working with those who have experienced medical or health related trauma. I also work with medical professionals who have their own compassion fatigue and/or trauma related to the special work they do. I provide therapy online, via a HIPPA compliant format and I have an office in West Knoxville.  I am licensed to work with Tennessee residents. 

Please call for a free 15 minute consultation to

have any of your questions answered.  

Why Acceptance and Integration TrainingR ?

 I have always been fascinated by how we as humans interpret the world around us and the world within -meaning, our mind, our spirit.  I have been trained in various modalities including Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Multi-systemic Therapy and while there is a great deal of good in these approaches, AAITTM, is the first that provided an avenue towards not only noticeable and lasting changes in thinking, but also access to greater states of peace and connection that often plays out in relationships and daily interactions.   

AAITTM  principles and phases will be taught and reviewed throughout treatment as this model is a layered, dynamic approach to untethering oneself from those moments, experiences and messages that can so often place us in states of bondage. 


For some, bondage can look like anxiety, panic attacks, avoidance of desired opportunities and difficulty in relationships.  Specifically, with Medical Trauma this rings true and can even get in the way of other medical treatment that is needed.  Clients can expect to use their mind or imagination to enter into experiences, desired outcomes, and the perspectives of others in their life.  Thoughts will be explored and themes of behavior will be addressed, all in order to meet the goal or goals clients bring to session. 


As AAITTM  founder, Melanie McGhee, LCSW says,

"Acceptance + Integration = Freedom". 

I offer a free 15 minutes consultation call to all perspective clients.

Please give me a call today. 

Medical Trauma Can Include:

- Birth Stories

- Painful Procedures

- Difficult Diagnoses

- Experiences of Delayed, Needed Help

- Injuries and Illnesses that Caused Fear of

Death for Yourself or Someone You Love

- Vicarious Medical Trauma Experienced

by Medical Professionals


I truly believe in this work and I am excited to share it with you. 

Due to the nature of Acceptance and Integration TrainingTM being built upon the learning of skills for clients to take with them in their everyday life, it is imperative to have multiple sessions to develop these techniques.  I will be a teaching guide, but the responsibility and the effort required to develop desired personal and spiritual growth is your great work. 


I do work with a billing specialist who can assist with filing out-of-network benefits due to I am not on insurance panels at this time. 

Clients may pay below or have a link emailed to them. 

The fees are as follows:

Initial Session: 1 hour & 15 minutes: $125 


Regular Sessions: (1 hour ) $100


3 Sessions Package: $285


6 Sessions Package: $575


12 Sessions Package: $1,150


** Packages are paid upfront and offer the benefit of a reduced hourly session rate. 

More About Brittany

I am from East Tennessee and other than a couple years spent in Murfreesboro, I have called the Knoxville area my home.  I earned a Bachelors Degree in Social Work in 2004 and a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Over the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many different populations including all ages from young children to those in their 90's.  I have done individual, group and family therapy in people's homes, in an office setting and virtually or online.  


The first phase of my career I worked with children and their families who were involved in the Juvenile Justice system, Foster Care or  were seeking support to avoid the need for placement outside of the home.  The management of stress and the impact of anxiety on all parties was evident on a daily basis in this work.  The way in which we see ourselves in the light of our circumstances was also a common theme and one that I still see in my work today.  In AAITTM there is a great deal of emphasis on the True Self as a true entity, meaning, who you are is often veiled and this has real consequences in the form of personal conflict.  Think of those moments when you may feel the need to act or be one way, but there is a deep resistance to that same way of being.  How can we be more in control of how we feel?  With trauma, questions so often are related to our bodies - why do I still sweat and tremble when I think of ______ ?  AAITTM  has specific processes to address mind and body.  

The last 10 years of my career have been focused mainly on Medical Social Work with some additional work in Domestic Violence Survivor Advocacy and teaching at the University level.   I have seen first hand what difficult diagnoses and painful procedures can do to someone's general outlook on life.  I noticed a gap in services for people who were dealing with Medical Trauma and decided to focus on serving this population as well as those dealing with Generalized Anxiety.  

My personal life consists of many beautiful people including, a husband and two littles who have taught me so much about this life.  I am often transporting children, giving practice spelling tests and learning my way through parenting, thankfully with a wonderful partner.   I did experience trauma with the birth of my first child and this opened the door to thinking about other parents and their experiences with their children's births and general health.  I was dealing with guilt and grief as a result of that experience and now, I can say that I have freedom to remember, but not feel the heaviness of the situation; this is the result of AAITTM.  I have a special place in my heart for mothers and fathers who have gone through medical trauma with regard to their children, biological and adopted.  If you would like to discuss your situation to see if AAITTM  may be helpful for you, please contact me. 

In regards to my own spiritual beliefs, I believe it's important to say that I recognize how culture, time, those we meet and place of birth all influence the development of faith.  I am on a journey that continues to broaden my understanding of what I refer to as God. The Great Spirit, the experience of connection to creation and all those created; this is a focus personally and I have found through AAITTM  that my practice of prayer and meditation has been elevated.  The way in which I view God is inherently connected to my understanding of Jesus as his son and as the greatest example of advocacy, love and truth in human relationship.  In my practice, these beliefs remain in how I treat you, but will not be shared unless as the client, your work is focused on spiritual development and these thoughts are shared.    

All Are Welcome

This practice affirms and welcomes LGBTQ clients.

This practice honors faiths and those of spiritual beliefs other than my own, Jesus directed, divine beliefs. 

I will bring the bias that you are worthy of love and I do believe the world was not complete without you.  

Contact Brittany (865) 617-0131